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Smoking endangers the health!

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Ein Bild von HEUTE / 2007
Should the proposed coal-fired power plant in Lünen really built, high health damage to be expected.
People who are already ill, with the significant worsening of their disease symptoms. Special danger for people with cardiopulmonary, so cardiac pulmonary diseases.

Health load:
The body of man is, as we all know, something special, but its physiological functions also complicated. Since many things have to work together to ensure that everything works well. Too many stressors of the outside - including the poisoned air in a significant extent, make the body inevitably ill.
First, it meets the most vulnerable: children, the unborn, the elderly, whose body they have through many years of their lives taken, and allergies. They all are in particularly threatened by environmental toxins health damage suffered. People who are not yet on the need to include allergies, may at any time, from today to tomorrow, to develop an allergy.
Autoimmune diseases, in which the immune system not against intruders in the body but the body against itself shall be at even more air pollution than we already have to increase, because the immune system and irritated by the poisonous influences misdirected.

The man is not designed by poisonous fumes to live.

The politicians have smokers in the blue haze of the public is prohibited.
Nikotinkonsumenten dürfen demnächst in Kneipen nicht mehr rauchen, müssen in Raucherzimmer ausweichen. Nicotine consumers may soon be in pubs no longer smoke in the smoking room must dodge.
Ein Nichtraucher hat die Alternativen dem Raucher auszuweichen, indem er das Raucherzimmer nicht betritt oder nach Hause zu gehen und die Tür hinter sich zuzumachen. A non-smoker, the alternatives to avoid smoking, the smoking room he enters or not to go home and the door behind him zuzumachen. The politicians have smokers in the blue haze of the public is prohibited. Nikotinkonsumenten dürfen demnächst in Kneipen nicht mehr rauchen, müssen in Raucherzimmer ausweichen. Nicotine consumers may soon be in pubs no longer smoke in the smoking room must dodge.

A non-smoker, the alternatives to avoid smoking, the smoking room he enters or not to go home and the door behind him zuzumachen.
In the coal-fired power plant, there is no alternative for someone to protect his health or health of his family because of the smoke over the whole region, and even when the door closes behind him, the poison through the window comes into the apartment.

How is it to understand that the black haze now be allowed?

Wenn also genügend „Kohle“ für die Funktionäre dahinter steht, sind Gefahr bringende Dinge also auf einmal doch wieder nicht so schlecht und erlaubt ??? So if enough coal for the officials behind it, are also risk-making things at once, but again not so bad, and allows?
Wen kümmert dann die Gesundheit des Einzelnen, wenn man diese gegen viel Geld eintauschen kann? Who cares then the health of the individual, if they violate a lot of money arrive?


Carbon dioxide is an odorless gas, and to some extent natural part of our air. It arises with the breathing, the
other for the burning carbon substances such as coal, oil and natural gas.

Plants have the ability to absorb carbon dioxide (CO 2) during the photosynthesis to convert into glucose.
In the atmosphere there might be a portion of solar radiation, namely long wave heat radiation, what carbon
dioxide absorb.

The short wave radiation, and thus most of the sun's rays, it let pass to the earth's surface. Because of these
properties, CO 2 at the so-called greenhouse gases, which also include methane and ozone.
Together, these
gases are causativ for the natural greenhouse effect, which goes forward. People may live good with a mean
temperature of 15 ° C, instead of less pleasant minus degrees in the same number, so minus 15 ° C.

Because carbon dioxide by 9-26 percent this effect contributes, it is essential indispensable
for a livable climate .

It is true that the history of the climate of our planet was ever determined by large fluctuations in the CO 2
stake in the atmosphere.

Before about 300 million years ago, the Earth's atmosphere at least exists to 1400 millionth volume fractions of
carbon dioxide.

Since about 420,000 years ago exceeded the CO 2 concentration to the value of 381 millionth no more. In the
last 10,000 years, the proportion is very constant at only 280 millionth.

Would it be stayed, we would have no worries us today for our climate.

Doch die Industrialisierung, die im 19. But the industrialization in the 19th Jahrhundert begann hatte zur Folge, dass die Werte sich drastisch verschlechterten. Century began a result, the values drastically deteriorated. In den letzteren 200 Jahren stieg der Anteil an Kohlendioxid in der Atmosphäre auf 381 Millionstel (Stand 2005); und die Werte steigen stetig um durchschnittlich 1,5 – 2 Millionstel im Jahr an. In the last 200 years, the share of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere at 381 millionth (as of 2005), and the figures are rising steadily by an average of 1.5-2 millionth of a year.
Die Schuld daran trägt der Mensch. The debt to be borne by the people.

Meanwhile, the growing population of the man-made CO 2 emissions are not more of natural CO 2 -Sliding possibilities. It remains half in the atmosphere.
The growing population causes that more people need more land, to cultivate and use agricultural.
As a result, the natural vegetation decimate our planet.  
For these reasons, the CO 2 -absorbency of the plant deminish. They can no longer easily convert a part of our
CO 2 emissions in biomass.
So the man-made CO 2 emissions of the natural carbon dioxide deminish-
possibilities can compensate only a small part now.

In the year 1856, meteorologists began their weather observations to record. Since 1856 the ten warmest years globally all were measured after 1990. In recent decades, the average temperature of both, the atmosphere and the oceans has risen strongly.

Scientists expect that global warming will continue increase, unless we are wiser and our energy behavior change.

As we humans burn petroleum, coal and natural gas and thus carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases release, we change the composition of the Earth's atmosphere.


The Global warming

is notmit Klimawandel zu verwechseln.

confused with climate change.

Climate change is through no fault of people's own because it means the natural climate changes in the earth. (as the offset of the earth's axis).
The Global warming, however, describes the man-made climate change.
Der Klimawandel schreitet definitiv durch die Interventionen des Menschen schneller fort. Climate change is
definitely progressing faster through the intervention of humans.

Climate change is happening now and will cost millions of people their livelihood, or even life.

It is not the natural climate changes to charter with guilt, but rather that people are increasingly negative
These negative interventions must be retracted.

There is the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change,
IPCC). There they take at regular intervals Summarizes, the scientific evidence on global warming, and all the
analysis published in progress reports.

The latter, fourth progress report sparked fierce debates, because he absolutely can be no doubt about it that it
is high time, to change our attitude and to take appropriate action.

It is not that statutory limits for a harmful substance at the same time means that a health claim only when
they overrun occurs.

Health damage individually occur earlier, from person to person different. This applies more than ever to an already healthy predispositioned population, it is true especially for our children.
There are also considerable additional costs for medical care for the population caused.
Who can still afford to be?

Who is responsible for the negative consequences for life and body of the population?

The health minister says:
After implementation of the announced coal power plant building:
The coal power plant burns fresh air (oxygen).
It evolve flue gases, whose volume is rising steadily.

The rest of the remaining "fresh" air includes:
750 tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO 2) per hour, nitrogen oxides, lead, cadmium, nickel.

Schwefeloxyde and nitrogen oxides mix. Es entwickeln sich Schwaden aus: It develope swaths of:
Water and smoke gases
Acid rain.
Gaz as smog are a known health hazard for the population.

If sulfuric and nitric acid rain down on you,
one will get always sicker, and suffering.
If the health him nothing more returns
and life is no longer possible,
then you will remember,
tat you also have lost the last teeth out
and you can not eat Coal engineers . (SG)

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... Socialized with the wisdom of the Canadian Cree Indian tribe:

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